Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Hunger Games

Image borrowed from Feli's Book Corner
My goodness, how in the world have I lived this long without reading The Hunger Games? Of course I had heard of the series by Suzanne Collins from numerous people and blogs. It was certainly on my list of books to read, but I just never got around to it.

Recently a co-worker offered to loan a copy to me, but she needed it back in a couple of weeks. I was a little weary because I am a pretty slow reader, but she said, "I really don't think you will need that long to finish it though. It is one of those books that once you start, you will likely zip through the rest of it."

That was the understatement of the year.

Once I started reading The Hunger Games, I was hooked! I neglected my house and my family to finish reading the first part of Katniss Everdeen's story (um, and how great is that name?! The prediction around the office is that "Katniss" will start rising in popularity amongst baby girl names). I loved the book so much that I decided to buy the box set - in hardcover! Gasp! Any books that I have purchased for the last two years were made on my Kindle, but these books are so good that I wanted to have a set to display on my bookshelves. So, in the last week, I have finished the The Hunger Games as well as the sequel, Catching Fire, and am currently beginning the third and last book of the series (sad!), Mockingjay.

It's funny how one persons amazing writing can inspire me. After reading these books, I started to work on my current WIP again, after a month of no writing. My WIP is absolutely not the same genre as Suzanne Collins's books, but it still got me motivated. I was even talking to my honey about collaborating on something together! He doesn't write or read much, but he listens to books on tape, his favorite being The Legend of the Seeker, by Terry Goodkind. He also loves role playing games because of the storylines and the backgrounds and has been working on his own RPG video game off and on for a couple of years. I was thinking it would be fun for us to come up with a plot together and he could give me input on magic and other fantasy type subjects and then I could get to writing them and include my own fun love story in the midst of it. Suprisingly, John didn't laugh at my suggestion and was actually very intrigued by this idea! Don't hold your breath though, we have all seen how long it has taken me to write a story on my own.


Meika said...

Before The Hunger Games, I never read YA novels or anything remotely sci-fi. I liked my novels in the here and now, ya know? But then, on many, MANY recommendations, I picked this book up. And I could NOT put it down. It was so unbelievably addictive and well-written. And I LOVE Katniss (you're right -- the name rocks. I'm sure there will be TONS of Katniss's within the next few years, which is much better than Bella, IMO). All the characters were so well-rounded and believable. And I was torn between Peeta (sigh) and Gale for most of the series. I'm definitely curious/nervous about the movie that is supposedly in the works...

Jeremy and Sam said...

I LOVED this series. I seriously read for two days straight- doing nothing else, but eat. I was so sad when I was done!

Pam Harris said...

Yay! So glad you jumped on the Hunger Games train. :D Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the last one, since the reviews were a little mixed.