Monday, February 7, 2011


If you were to ever meet my daughter, you would gush over how cute she is. Really, she is darling! There is so much I love about her: her giggle, her energy, her sense of humor (yes, she tells jokes!), her sweetness, just so much about her is amazing. However, an ego-boost she is not:

I did laugh out loud the moment I saw this. Kids really do say the darndest things! Yes, the statement is true that Mommy is bigger than Bella, but really? Of all the things out there, she had to pick the one that was so body-conscious? Oh my love, thank you for keeping Mommy in check. Time to hit the gym folks!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rachel Roy Booties

I recently went shopping and I wanted to share my favorite purchase with you. These amazing Rachel Roy "Roye" suede booties:

They were on the top shelf of the clearance rack. I saw them and picked them up, you know, "just to look". From the front, I had expected a stilletto heel, but when I saw they were wedges, I gasped and had to try them on! They were half a size smaller than what I normally wear, but they happened to fit perfectly! Ok, they are a little snug, but they certainly zip up with no problems. It feels like there is some extra cushion in the sole so they are super comfortable. These babies ended up being half off and I knew that it was a sign from the Shopping Gods! Done deal, they are mine. Amazing, right?!

If I was skinny, my ideal way to wear these beauties would be with a pair of black or jewel-toned tights and a short bubble skirt or even a tight patterend skirt. Sadly, for now, they remain covered up under a pair of slacks.