Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday #23

Oh you guys will be so proud of me! I have lost 2.6 pounds this week! I implemented the circuit training that my boot camp trainer recommended which includes five minutes on the Stairmaster at level six, followed by 15 push-ups, 15 shoulder lifts (again, I am making the names up), and 15 tricep curls. I had to do this four times. The Stairmaster portion was brutal because I normally do it at level four.

In addition, I have still been sticking to my morning runs/jogs and even did my first 10 minute run/jog in over five years! I had a very good week in the working out department, but my eating habits are still suffering. Man, could I have possibly lost five pounds this week had I stuck to my calorie counting? In all honesty, if you saw what I ate on Saturday and Sunday, then the answer would be a resounding, YES!!!

But I am super happy with my 2.6 pounds and feel like I am on a roll. Skinnybitchdom, here I come!

Oh, and let me give a warm welcome to some lovely new friends:
Cheyenne - thanks to your advice, I have started bringing my netbook to my daughter's gymnastics class and have started writing again!
Melissa - who has a countdown to her vacation at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. You know I started following her the moment I saw that! My trip is sadly much further into the future, September 2011 to be exact.
Renae - thanks for your comment yesterday! I am totally feeling like this whole weight-loss blogging is worth while and certainly keeping my spirits up.

Thanks for the support ladies!

I have been a poor blogger/follower lately because work has been busy and I have been stressed about fitting into my bridesmaid dress. But I will be on track soon enough!

Weight: 195.6 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 34.4 lbs.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday #22

One more pound gone! Not quite my two pounds a week goal, but we will be celebrating the small victories! I figure I need to lose at least ten more pounds by the 25th in order to fit into my bridesmaid dress. I tried it on last week and whaddya know - it zips!

But I can't sit.

Or breathe.

The dress looks like crap on because everything is being squished and pinched out the top. In reality, I need to lose like 15-20 pounds in order to fit into the dress comfortably. However, that for sure will not be happening within the next three and a half weeks. So ten pounds is my goal to be able to sit in the dress. Otherwise...

I am going to ruin their wedding party pictures.

Weight: 198.2 lbs.