Sunday, January 2, 2011


Less than half of the American population will stay committed to their New Year's Resolution past the six month mark.

Every year, I make the same resolutions and every year, I break them. Instead of the habitual "I will lose weight this year!" I have decided to modify that goal with another one that is equally as weight-loss involved and possibly more difficult.

I am quitting soda.

Yes, yes. I know that may seem like such a meaningless goal to the rest of you, but if you can imagine giving up your greatest vice (e.g. cigarettes, weed, gambling, SHOES!) then you have an inkling of how much of a feat this goal really is. Yes, I am basically telling you that soda is my crack. There is nothing more potent on a summer day than the crisp sound of an ice cold Coca-Cola Classic can being opened. To understand my addiction, you will need to take a peek at my pantry:

I had lunch at my brother's house yesterday and when I told his wife about my resolution, she gasped! My family is well aware of my addiction to this sugary bubbly and I am sure they don't think I can really give it up. I probably should've started with giving it up for Lent and seen how that went; 40 days is a lot more feasible than 365. Go big or go home!

I am hoping that eliminating this kryptonite from my daily diet will allow me to lose weight naturally and that I don't substitute it with something else. Day One was no problem for me at all and I am doing great on Day Two so far. Only 363 days to go!


Pam Harris said...

Woo hoo! You can do it!! Quitting soda helped me quickly drop some pounds. Of course, I still succumb to Diet Soda every now and then, but that's way better than drinking regular. In fact, regular soda is too strong for me now.

Jen Daiker said...

Oh my gosh I'm envious of you!!! I would love to quit soda but I'd be in the group of americans who don't follow through with their resolution. I didn't want to be another statistic, so I'll keep it easier (shameful isn't it?).